Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Help Wanted

LWOT Magazine: Assistant Editor Internship Position

LWOT Magazine’s editorial staff has counted among its ranks some of the greatest literary heroes of the last century, including George Ross, Stephen Leacock, Gradey Alexander, W.O. Mitchell, and Darren O’Groussny.

With the recent passing of Assistant Editor Franklin Schenkle, LWOT is looking for someone to fill his damp, odorous, size-nine shoes.

The Assistant Editor’s primary duties will be to contribute to – and help maintain – LWOT’s re-vamped web-log (or “wlog”). Previous wlogging experience is a plus, but not necessary. What is necessary, however, is a keen understanding of LWOT’s unique cultural viewpoint and its rich, sometimes fantastical, wholly legitimate history.

To that end, we ask that all applicants provide us the following:

* A brief paragraph describing yourself, your hobbies, your off-putting habits, and a detailed account of your sexual history that begins with the phrase, “I never thought it would happen to me, but…”

* A short essay (200-500 words) on a topic relating to LWOT Magazine’s pre-eminent place in the Canadian literary canon.

* A reference letter (100-250 words) from cantankerous bibliophile John Metcalfe, and/or a McSweeney’s-style list of alternate titles for Margaret Atwood’s novels that sound like the titles of pornographic films.

At this point, before you get all excited, we should probably mention that other A.E. duties will include:

* Correspondence
* Research
* Editing
* Telecommuting
* Afternoon Foot-Rubs

For these duties you will be compensated with the following:

* Fame
* Power
* Respect (not applicable in Alberta or Quebec)
* Zero dollars

Please send your application packages to: lwoteditors@gmail.com.

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