Friday, 25 April 2008

Did You Know... 1987 police found over 2,000 bras in a storage shed behind funeral director Bob Goldstein's funeral parlour in Campbelton, New Brunswick. The undergarments were stolen from the deceased who passed through his care over a span of 52 years. Local law enforcement discovered the trove of undergarments when Goldstein tried to sell them to a consignment store. Goldstein claimed he was a "collector who had seen more breasts than Jimmy Jackson." Jackson was the town's resident womanizer until his death in 1964.

(LWOT's "Did You Know" began to appear on the back page of the magazine in 1966. Originally intended as a forum for social commentary in which popular untruths were corrected, it has become one of LWOT's trademark features, spawning a wide variety of memorabilia, from T-shirts to a children's board game. We will be running some of LWOT's most popular "Did You Know" items here on the blog, so stay tuned).

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