Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Champions of LWOT: Craig Davidson

The juice is loose as author and Ben Johnson impersonator Craig Davidson breaches the walls of "the establishment" with an article in Esquire magazine's April issue. The piece, available for download here, chronicles Davidson's experiences as a steroid user and tuna aficionado. Follow the warrior-poet as he buys mysterious substances from Israel and injects them into his haunches, with sexy results. Read about the hilarious side effects Davidson experienced during his adventures in juicing, including:

  • testicular shrinkage
  • enlarged prostate
  • increased vocalness at the gym
Davidson shows readers why steroids are all the rage. Pick up a copy wherever Esquire is sold.

Recent praise for Craig Davidson:
"ROFLMFAO!!!" forum

"...this guy is obviously some jerkoff that goes to the gym constantly and doesnt make any progress" forum

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