Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Did You Know...

...John Mutford’s Book Mine Set is written in an actual mine shaft!

Say what you want about semi-professional book-expert (or bookspert!) John Mutford, he lives by his convictions. His anti-irony, anti-exaggeratory stance is well-known to many within the industry, but his dedication to eliminating brainless audacity from internet web-pages extends far beyond mere words.

You see, while the title of his award-winning themed blog, Book Mine Set, might seem at first to be a clever play on the word mindset, it’s actually not clever at all. No, that simply wouldn’t do for a man who refuses to allow a single absurdity or exaggeration to pass his lips.

That’s right! John Mutford actually writes his blog from inside an abandoned gold mine!

Each morning, at the now-defunct Con Gold Mine in Yellowknife, Mr. Mutford uses a pulley-system he created in his spare time between blog posts to lower himself into the bowels of the Precambrian shield, where, on a ledge in the dark, with only the glow of his laptop screen for light, he composes his eloquent, malapropism-free reviews.

As a Yellowknife-based panelist defending Steve Zipp’s Yellowknife-based novel Yellowknife for the National Post’s Canada Also Reads program, Mutford is broadening his influence—and, hopefully, his earnest, literal manner of thinking. And we here at LWOT will be there to support him every step of the way!


John Mutford said...

Brainless audicity was too much. I admit.

Kristoff said...

any important links here I need to be reading, guys?

PS - where can I get one of those hyperbole tshirts you threw on Mutford after beating him down and taking that pic? i'll pay up to 30 canadian dollars!

LWOT Editors said...

I detect an unpleasant note of sarcasm in your typing, Kristoff. As you well know, without first reading the Wikipedia entry on Con Mine, it’s impossible to appreciate the contextual nuance of this piece as a whole. So, to answer your question, they're all important.

As for the T-shirts, you’ll have to address their availability/actuality with Mr. Mutford himself (though thirty bucks does seem a bit steep).

Anonymous said...

My two cents…

1 -- Negative reviews are one thing. Negative reviews with an agenda, even if it’s just a perceived agenda, are something else entirely. Maybe just a case of bad timing, or bad decision-making, on behalf of the reviewer.

2 -- Mineshaft = Hilarious