Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Tales of the LWOT Bump

This season give the greatest gift of all with a copy of future best-seller The MonkeyFace Chronicles. Thanks to a brief mention in a previous wlog post Richard Scarsbrook's latest offering soared 1,696,827 places in its sales rank, which proved the LWOT bump is more powerful than supposed new Oprah Conan O'Brien, Dr. Stephen T. Colbert and Cookie Monster combined.

As your new Oprah, we command you to help propel this fine literary work into the stratosphere of online book sales to make it number one.


Richard Scarsbrook said...

Hey kids!

The Monkeyface Chronicles is now up to 1224 on the hit list!

If you haven't added your two cents worth, you know what to do!


Anonymous said...

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Richard Scarsbrook said...

The Monkeyface Chronicles will be released TODAY!!!!!

Go get one! The early reviews are STELLAR!