Monday, 21 December 2009

Champions of LWOT: Richard Scarsbrook

My monkeyface. My monkeyface.

In an attempt to out-Oprah Conan O'Brien, the LWOT editors recommend you pre-order Richard Scarsbrook's latest gripping adventure Mokeyface Chronicles. As your new Oprah we command you to help thrust this tale of revenge and redemption from a sales rank of 1,706,907 to #1 on

1 comment:

Richard Scarsbrook said...

The Monkeyface Chronicles jumped from #1,706,907 on to #10,080!!!!

Could this posting on the LWOT Blog be responsible? (Or did my mom just order 50 copies?)

Either way, join the Good Fight! Let's get The Monkeyface Chronicles up to #1 on!!!!!