Thursday, 29 January 2009

100 Years of Greatness/Awfulness

In honour of LWOT's 100th year of publishing greatness, the editors compiled a list of the 100 greatest and 100 worst things the human race witnessed during the periodical's tenure as the world's greatest fiction magazine.

For suspensful purposes and due to our eccentric nature, the list will be drawn out as a 10-20 part series.

And now, extend a warm welcome to:

The 100 Greatest Things

74. The rythmic stylings of John Bonham.

73. Yvon Durelle: He came within seconds of beating Archie Moore and is rumoured to be the inspiration for Rocky. 

72. Transformers: Magnificent mechanical creations from back when kids had to use their imaginations.

71. Day of the Triffids

70. Nintendo Entertainment System: It made Mario super and lead to an eponymous thumb disorder. 

The 100 Worst Things

74. Charity ribbons: A clever ploy devised by lace synidcates in the early 1970s. They do nothing to raise awareness and cost more to make than they bring in with donations. 

73. GoBots: They could fly in robot form, but still transformed to get around. Their vehicle forms served no utilitarian purpose.

72. Teachers telling kids not to look at an eclipse: 27,328 kids blinded themselves looking into the sun since the practice started in 1931.

71. E.T. for the Atari 2600: A maddening game that made no sense and brought about Atari's demise. 

70. Expo '67

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