Monday, 19 January 2009

100 Years of Greatness/Awfulness

In honour of LWOT's 100th year of publishing greatness, the editors compiled a list of the 100 greatest and 100 worst things the human race witnessed during the periodical's tenure as the world's greatest fiction magazine. 

For suspensful purposes and due to our eccentric nature, the list will be drawn out as a 10-20 part series. 

And now, accelerate your excitement with:

The 100 Greatest Things

79. House, M.D.: He's a cantankerous bastard who doesn't grow as a person. Would be much higher on the list if Kumar hadn't joined the cast.

78. Daredevil: The man without fear. 

77. Pumphouse Blueberry Ale: Brewed in Moncton's favourite watering hole, it's best served in a yard glass and enjoyed while sitting in one of the pub's wooden barrel booths. Amateur sleuths have spent hours looking for Gradey Alexander's last drunken grafiti in the Hub City.

76. Kevin Smith: He wrote the greatest joke in movie history. "In prison he'll be the pie."

75. Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese

The 100 Worst Things

79. Global television networks

78. Plague City: A terrible made for TV movie that lead to the most irritating commercials starring the blond woman from Men With Brooms.

76. The Tet Offensive

75. Rice pudding in a cup

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