Friday, 23 November 2007

Tightrope Books Launches Be Good, Paparazzi Descend


“Bad Behavior from Be Good Author!”

At her long-awaited book launch party last Wednesday, debutante novelist Stacey May Fowles proved that the umbrella – not the pen – is mightier than the sword!

Faced by a throng of jostling paparazzi at the entrance to exclusive Toronto nightspot Revival, the literary starlet pulled an umbrella from the backseat of her Mazda CX9 and parried her way to the door! TMZ cameraman Josh Flanagan was caught off guard by Stacey May’s “Be Bad” attitude. “It hurt a lot,” he said. “She’s got incredible upper-arm strength.”

Stacey May’s “fowle” mood didn’t last long. Later in the evening, when she took the stage to read an excerpt from her acclaimed new book – described as a mix-tape mash-up of Bret Easton Ellis and Jane Austen – the audience was blown away. The applause didn’t end until “The First Lady of Canadian Fiction” was brought back onstage for a curtain call. Said a source in the Fowles camp: “It was, like, totally, like, the most amazing thing ever! She’s so grateful to all her fans.”

Stacey and her entourage, which included novelist Zoe Whitall, DJ Ashley Olsen, and John Charles Polyani, famed chemiluminescence expert, spent the evening dancing to the strains of indie music-scene sweethearts Tomboyfriend.

Sources close to the breakthrough author tell us that she was later spotted in the arms of erstwhile teen heartthrob Luke Perry. “They seemed to really hit it off,” an insider tells us. “They were whispering to each other, and she was giggling a lot. His hand was on her waist all night.”

While were happy that the future CanLit superstar enjoyed a successful debut for her new book, TMZ can only hope that Stacey “may” consider keeping her “fowle” temper in check the next time we meet her on the streets!

Click here for hi-res pics of Stacey May lip-locked with Luke! Beverly Hills 9021-Oh!

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