Sunday, 18 November 2007

Not Just a Pretty Face...Book!

Join the world's greatest fiction magazine at the world's oldest Facebook group. When an inter-web site, web log and Myspace page just aren't enough, join other LWOT aficionados at one of the Internet's latest fads. The Facebook will revolutionize the way LWOT fans meet to talk about their favourite fiction journal. Using advanced "friend adding" technology, the Society of LWOT Appreciators lets you interact with the LWOT editors, debate the historical impact of George Ross, Vera Potemkin and Christopher Ninjerk, and meet the latest Champions of LWOT. With an ever-growing member list, the Society of LWOT Appreciators lets you be a reclusive hermit and still interact with Lies With Occasional Truth fans around the globe.

Join the LWOT army now!

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