Sunday, 14 October 2007

The LWOT Fall Classic Has Arrived!

"Diving into Waters of the Moon" by Kenneth Radu
"Like Otters in Love" by Stacey May Fowles
"Yellow to Blue" by Richard Scarsbrook
"The Illustrious Company of Cultural Misconceptions" by J.A. Tyler
"Historical Fiction Sweatshop Uncovered!" by Jeremy Wexler
"Outline for a Canadian Novel" by Jared Young
"Some Sad Stories About Love" by Jessica Ruth Harris
"Jesus, Melinda and the Undead" by Amanda Earl
3-Hour Novel Contest Winner:"Clean Conscience" by Christopher Canniff


jeremy wexler said...

okay, i just read Jessica Ruth Harris's piece "some sad stories about love" and it blows my piece out of the water. can i take mine back and make it poignant and funny and 3 times smarter and then re-submit it so that I don't feel like such a weiner? she's my new hero. jessica ruth harris, if your reading this your my new hero, if only for the line about an accidental threesome that happened because everyone was too polite to say no being a very canadian thing, that would have been enough. But there's lots more there.

Ireland said...

I agree...

Also, I believe I was at that threesome. Best Western Hotel, Thunder Bay, 1997? Thought so...