Monday, 17 September 2007

Pre-Order Next Year's Giller Finalist Today!

Remember when you listened Death Cab for Cutie years before a generation of emo-haircutted sad-sacks adopted their music as an anthem for teenage pseudo-angst? Or when you raved to your friends about a little indie flick called Reservoir Dogs? It feels good to discover great art before pop culture gets its drunken-uncle hands on it, doesn't it?

Well, this is your chance to get in on the bottom floor of Canada's next literary smash-hit: Stacey May Fowles' new novel Be Good.

You can pre-order The First Lady of Canadian Fiction's debut novel by clicking here.

But, it any good? Just ask this titan of CanLit:

“Stacey May Fowles’ first novel is a startling and beautiful examination of love sickness in its many forms. It’s a novel of true love and dirty secrets, high comedy and heartbreak, and Fowles pulls no punches and misses no marks. Bright, smart, and sexy, Be Good announces the arrival of a wonderful new voice in Canadian fiction.”

-- Michael Redhill, Man Booker Prize nominated author of Consolation

Has Michael Redhill ever steered you wrong? No, he hasn't. That wine he recommended at dinner was fantastic, just like he promised. So, order your copy of Be Good now.

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notho said...

i want to interview stacey may fowles for danforth review! I love Death Cab for Cutie!