Thursday, 7 June 2007

The End Is Near!

Heed our doomsday warning and submit your Margaret Atwood Dystopian Future VS. Spam E-mail Contest entry before 11:59 pm tomorrow (that's when The Bureau of Free Will resets our memories and we wake up one week in the past, cursed to live through this CONTENT BLOCKED BY THE BUREAU OF FREE-WILL

Celebrate the 21st anniversary of Kurt Waldheim's election as president of Austria by taking part in this historic contest. Put your knowledge of insider stock tips, debt consolidation, and erectile pharmaceuticals to good use, and earn a place in Canadian literary history. The finalists will appear in next month's Inter-Net Relaunch Spectacular, and the winner, in true dystopian fashion, will be decided by a panel of oppressive, emotionless bureaucrats (namely, our editorial board).

Fortune, fame, and a rare vintage issue of LWOT Magazine signed by Gradey Alexander can be yours if you just click here (it's the link that activates the retinal cameras we installed in your eyeballs while you were sleeping!)...

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