Monday, 11 June 2007

Did You Know...

...peanut-butter fudge crunch was recently voted the #1 mixed-flavour ice cream. Least favourite: Neopolitan.

(LWOT's "Did You Know" began to appear on the back page of the magazine in 1966. Originally intended as a forum for social commentary in which popular untruths were corrected, it has become one of LWOT's trademark features, spawning a wide variety of memorabilia, from T-shirts to a children's board game. We will be running some of LWOT's most popular "Did You Know" items here on the blog, so stay tuned).

1 comment:

Eavesdroppings said...

"The perfect snack for the lactose intolerant peanut allergist."
"By allergist, do you mean one who is allerigic?"
"This comment is over."