Tuesday, 3 April 2007

LWOT: The World’s Greatest Fiction Magazine

Founded in 1908, LWOT has been publishing its unique brand of half-truths and hearsay for almost a century. Our mission, during that time, has been to bring the very best Canadian fiction to readers across the world. The writing featured in our quarterly electro-journal is unrestrained by the checks and balances of the short story form. We define fiction as any piece of writing that is composed primarily of lies (with occasional truth).

This distinctive view allows our writers to stretch themselves in new and exciting ways, without the hassle of cosmic radiation or gingo-fruit potion. It also makes LWOT distinct among the literary magazines currently being published in Canada. Quite simply, the fiction LWOT publishes is unlike fiction being published anywhere else.

For the past hundred years, LWOT’s primary goal has been eclecticism: our writers come from diverse range of backgrounds. From high school and university students who have yet to embark on their gruelling, often depressing – though ultimately, we hope, fulfilling – careers as writers, to the cult-favorite scribes of the independent presses, to such luminaries of Canadian Literature as Gradey Alexander and Merlin Callaghan.

As we prepare for our cenetennial celebration, LWOT is looking towards the future. Our revamped computer-accesible "internet web-site" will feature brand new fictional items from some of Canada's most exciting and pleasant-smelling writers. You can even subscribe, and have LWOT delivered tri-monthly into your electronic mailbox!

Pay a visit to LWOT's temporary "virtual home-page" by clicking on these words.

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Eavesdroppings said...

"If I sign up, will you steal my identity and otherwise ruin me financially?"