Monday, 16 April 2007

Attention Liars! A Call For Submissions!

Are you a liar?

You probably answered no, which means that:

a). You’re telling the truth.
b). You’re a liar, and you’re lying.

Whatever the case, LWOT Magazine, the world’s oldest and most respected fiction magazine, is looking for particularly clever half-truths and exaggerations.

We are now accepting submissions for our July 2007 issue.

Remember: quality, originality, and daring! These are the criteria by which we judge our fiction. They are also the criteria by which we judge breakfast cereals, which is why, every morning, we meet the challenges of a busy workday with a bowl of Reese’s Bites®. So, think of LWOT as the Reese’s Bites® of Canadian fiction magazines: chocolatey and profound.

To learn more, please peruse our submission guidelines, and stand aghast at the restrictions we put on your creativity.

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