Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Champions of LWOT: Terri Favro

In a noble attempt to rally our noble readers to her noble cause, LWOT is reprinting a plea from contributor Terri Favro who is locked in a heated battle with some guy in a literal deathmatch. By literal, we mean figurative and by deathmatch we mean match that leads to someone's death. Read below for a series of words interspersed with various punctuation marks.

Hello all...

This is a short but heartfelt "thank you" to all of you who are voting to keep my short story in the Brokenpencil online competition. I've heard some remarkable stories of the extremes people have been going to keep "Cold Comfort" alive. I wish I could buy you all a collective drink.

My opponent gathers a huge number of votes in a small amount of time, overnight, all at once, which means that every morning I wake up 100 votes behind him, and every day I slowly catch up in the online votes. It's exactly what he did to his previous opponent. He has a good story, but these votes can't all be coming from readers. Too many, too fast, and in bulk at night. Or in the space of minutes, at points in the late day when I catch or exceed his total. It's a very noticeable pattern. It's likely from accessing online message boards at the university where he's a student.

So this is also a reminder to stick with me until Sunday night if you possibly can. This has turned from a writing competition into one about who can get an online standing army. I've also engaged in some pretty heated debates with my opponent about his story, which you can read on the blog. I know I'm making some strong statements but this is not just me being my usual argumentative self for the sake of winning. I mean exactly what I say.

Even three votes a day, from now until end of day Sunday, would be an enormous help although I know a lot of you are voting far more often than that. Thank you, I'm sorry for all the hassle, and I promise this is the last plea between now and Sunday.

Here's the link --


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