Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Save The Cheerleader, Something Something

The network that brought us Seinfeld and possibly some other memorable shows is in trouble and when a television network gets in trouble LWOT steps up to save the day. Much like the epic late-night talk show battles between Peter Gzowski and Alan Thicke in the mid-80s, NBC has pitted Jay Leno against Conan O'Brien as they search for ways to revive their fortunes. While we don't approve of Conan's attempts to displace us as the new Oprah we do approve of his pale skin and masturbating bear.

But we digress. In the greatest act of civil service since John Sparrow Thompson bedded his wife LWOT offers to save NBC though a plethora of unproduced pilot treatments littering the Sweatlodge floor. Our editorial staff is standing by, waiting for the chance to fill America's prime-time void with well-crafted, taut suspense and comedic genius.

Also, the Beaver is changing its name.

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