Sunday, 8 November 2009

It's Giller Time!

There's nothing we like more than a good list, especially short ones and the Scotiabank Giller Prize has come up with a doozie. With a fresh batch of Giller short-listers still cooking in the oven that is Canadian literature, stores across the country are selling out of Giller party goodies.

LWOT is ready for the greatest show on turf and will close the office on Wednesday for the staff to recover from their annual Giller related hangovers. But who will walk away with this year's prize? Will it be managing editor Jared Young who picked last year's winner or former intern Betty McGuinn who quit after a sordid affair with one of our graphic designers, only to return for this year's Giller party? Will they rekindle their romance or will she leave in tears, cursing the man who invented the whiskey sour?

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