Tuesday, 3 March 2009

100 Years of Greatness/Awfulness

In honour of LWOT's 100th year of publishing greatness, the editors compiled a list of the 100 greatest and 100 worst things the human race witnessed during the periodical's tenure as the world's greatest fiction magazine.

For suspensful purposes and due to our eccentric nature, the list will be drawn out as a 10-20 part series.

And now, enjoy:

The 100 Greatest Things

64. Talkies

63. The slide rule

62. Stu "The Kid" Ungar: He once took Darren O'Groussny for $27,000 in a hand at the Bellagio.

61. Star Wars ASCII: It's like Star Wars, only is ASCII form. Just type telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl in the "run" option on your computer. 

60. Turtle neck sweaters

The 100 Worst Things

64. Jiffy Lube: It's not as exciting as it sounds.

63. The Fox Puck: For everyone who was incapable of grasping the simple concept of following a black puck on a white sheet of ice. As Mordecai Richler once said, " The Americans can't enjoy a good Cuban cigar, but they've somehow let this abomination slip through."

62. Government cheese

61. Good Housekeeping: The magazine, not the practice of maintaining a home.

60. Dehumidifiers 

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