Tuesday, 6 January 2009

100 Years of Greatness/Awfulness

In honour of LWOT's 100th year of publishing greatness, the editors compiled a list of the 100 greatest and 100 worst things the human race witnessed during the periodical's tenure as the world's greatest fiction magazine. 

For suspensful purposes and due to our eccentric nature, the list will be drawn out as a 10-20 part series. 

And now, indulge your killer instinct on:

The 100 Greatest Things

89. The Owl and the Man: It's about an owl and a man. When you're a man who can't sleep it's good to have a friend that's an owl. 

88. Watership Down: It's about rabbits. Killer rabbits who terrorize a village or something like that.

87. Widgets in Guinness: They produce a magical waterfall in your glass to mesmerize and amaze.

86. "The Professor" Dai Vernon

85. The USS Enterprise 

The 100 Worst Things

89. The Da Vinci Code

88. The King-Byng Affair: Not as sexy as it sounds.

87. Margaret Atwood: Pretty much as sexy as it sounds. 

86. Every Wayan brother since Keenan Ivory

85. Haley's comet


Anonymous said...

Read your list of mediocre Canucks: pretty Y chromocentric, I'm thinkin'. So's your "LWOT Modern Heroes" section, not to mention the authors featured in your 100th anniversary issue (oh and congratulations on that).

Don't you know any women?

LWOT Editors said...

Of course we know women. Some of our favourite mothers were women. Doesn't the first lady of Canadian fiction's appearance as a modern hero of LWOT show our love of phenomenal women? As much as we hoped Luba Goy would be voted most mediocre, the Canadian public seems to hold more men in average regard than they do women. Blame Canada.