Sunday, 28 December 2008

100 Years of Greatness/Awfulness

In honour of LWOT's 100th year of publishing greatness, the editors compiled a list of the 100 greatest and 100 worst things the human race witnessed during the periodical's tenure as the world's greatest fiction magazine. 

For suspensful purposes and due to our eccentric nature, the list will be drawn out as a 10-20 part series. 

And now, feast your frontal lobes on:

The 100 Greatest Things

100. The Diefenbunker: Concrete bunkers scattered across the country gobbled up tax dollars, but left us with a brilliant play on words. 

99. Cornish game hens

98. Sesame Street: With a sponsor like the letter Q behind it, there was no way the show could fail.

97. String theory

96. "The Wrench" Ed Werenich (not to be confused with Frank Wrench)

The 100 Worst Things

100. Halogen light bulbs: Fingerprints are their kryptonite. Halogen lamps are designed to make it almost impossible to install the bulb without touching them, which renders them useless. Like the Human Torch, they can also set things on fire if you're not careful. 

99. The Chrysler LeBaron 

98. Electron microscopes

97. The death of Vaudeville

96. Just For Laughs Gags: This may be a gross generalization, but Quebec comedy writers are no good at everything.

95. Jell-O jigglers

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