Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Does Notho Need Your Art? Oooh Yeeeah!!!

Nathaniel G. Moore has succumbed to madness. Macho madness, that is. The author of Bowlbrawl is searching far and wide for hand-drawn likenesses of Macho Man Randy Savage for his latest book Savage.

Mr. G. Moore wants your rendition of the original metrosexual to use in a traveling show that will bring the wonders of Macho Madness to jubilant masses across the continent. He prefers black and white sketches in ink, from any era of the Macho King's reign, from artists with any level of skill.

For more information, contact Notho himself at bowlbrawl@gmail.com.


Angela Hibbs said...

Angela Hibbs does not come up with things by accident. The name Galore was the product of centuries of storming brains, particularly in Hungary. Those brains must be credited in any mention of Angela Hibbs' accidental nomenclatures.

notho said...

The story of Ricky and Randy Galore will dominate the landscape of Savage.

AH will be credited with brainstorming their last name lexical DNA.