Sunday, 6 January 2008

This Day In LWOT History

Jan. 6, 1928

Philanthropist Gregory Simpson died and left his accumulated wealth to LWOT: The World's Greatest Fiction Magazine. Simpson's will stated the money would help the fabled magazine remain in business "until the end of time." A devout Seventh Day Adventist, Simpson believed the world would end March 24, 1928 and his accumulated fortune amounted to $32.43. The money did allow Lies With Occasional Truth to purchase a state of the art Underwood typewriter, complete with a full QWERTY keybase and innovative space bar. With the remaining funds, then editor George Ross purchased two boxes of HB pencils and a pack of Black Jack.

Simpson's cremated remains were also left to the magazine as a condition of the inheritance. The brass urn containing his ashes were held in a locked safe in the LWOT Albion Block offices until the building was destroyed in a suspicious fire and explosion. The safe was never recovered. Rumours continue to spread about its potential whereabouts, with treasure hunters and fortune seekers scouring the globe in search of the missing piece of Canadiana. Recently, the safe was ranked third on the Wilson's List Of Mysteries, rising four spots and topped only by the Oak Island money pit and why people still like Rosie O'Donnell.

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