Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Breaking News: We're #27!

The editors of LWOT: The World's Greatest Fiction Magazine join Stephane Dion, Romeo Dallaire, and Father Goose as nominees for the Globe and Mail's Nation Builder of 2007.

After 99 years, the magazine's editors have been recognized for their contributions to Confederation with a mention alongside some of the country's best, brightest, and not so brightest.

Our tireless support of elite Canadian writers like Craig Davidson, Stacey May Fowles, and Governor General's Award nominee Kenneth Radu, and our commitment to supporting worthwhile institutions like the Longpen Operators Union District 23 and the Stephen Marche Defense Fund, has helped us to change the face of the Inter-Web and reinvigorate Canadian Literature.

Do you agree? Of course you do. Tell the world how you feel by adding your nomination here.

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