Thursday, 6 September 2007

The MADFVSEC Winner is Announced!

After a near disastrous turn of events which saw them escape a secret desert facility and learn the true nature of their subservience to literature, our pair of shaved-bald, white-jumpsuited Robert Fulford clones have been re-acquired, re-programmed, and re-installed into their slime-filled, tube-bedecked womb-pods in sub-basement 23-X of LWOT Magazine’s editorial offices.

And the good news is, they’ve chosen a winner for our smash-hit Margaret-Atwood-Dystopian-Future-Versus-Spam-E-Mail Contest!

“Can You Imagine That You Are Healthy?” by Glen Dresser

Said Fulford-Alpha of the winning story: “The dark sheen of neo-socialist criticism could very well have been painted by the LongBrush of Atwood herself. A minor masterpiece of gleefully cataclysmic proportions.” He went on to congratulate author Dresser, adding: “Wait…what is This Was Expo?…these—these aren’t my memories…who am I?...what have you done to me!?”

Congratulations to Mr. Dresser, who receives a vintage copy of LWOT Magazine, signed by superstar author and critic Gradey Alexander. He will also receive a midnight visit from a mysterious trench-coated stranger, who will warn him about The Watchers.

Who are The Watchers? The answer is in your molars, Glen. Find a pair of pliers, and prepare yourself for the horrifying truth!

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Anonymous said...

Belated congratulations from an also-ran!

Catharine A. Saunders, Repl1ca For You.