Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Champions of LWOT

Stacey May Fowles, First Lady of Canadian Fiction (and accredited Beverly Hills 90210 scholar), needs your help. Shameless Magazine is hosting an online poll to help Ms. Fowles choose the cover for her upcoming novel Be Good. Through the magic of online comment posting, pick between a lonely young woman walking through a ramshackle alley, or a slightly less lonely woman in the same ramshackle alley, only in profile, much closer, and with words around her. As an added bonus, the talented Ms. Fowles will throw in a delightful Be Good pin.

Click here, and help support one of Canada's most approachable and tactile lady-writers!

Recent praise for Be Good:

"Where most young novelists arrive on the scene with a resigned sigh or sickly cough, Ms. Fowles announces her presence with a deafening roar."
Gradey Alexander
author of Kensington Market


Anonymous said...

So is that the winning cover?

LWOT Editors said...

And the winer is...
Cover #1.