Friday, 29 June 2007

Celebrate 99 Years of LWOT

Join us on July 1st as LWOT celebrates 99 years of the world's greatest fiction.

In honour of this momentous occasion, elaborate displays of colour and light will be held across the country. No expense has been spared as we bring the magic of high-altitude explosives to the dominions's major cities and small towns alike. Start your day with work from some of Canada's most handsome and hygienic writers, and finish it off with a majestic fireworks display that will inevitably lead to an amorous night with the mister or missus.

As a special treat, we have commissioned a spectacular display based on the magazine's famous logo. Illuminating the sky above Parliament Hill in Ottawa, a luminescent pair of crossed fingers will symbolize LWOT's brightening of the Canadian literary landscape. Keep your eyes on the sky, and your hands clasped tenderly over your galloping heart.

Come join us as LWOT Magazine makes July 1st a day to remember.

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