Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Coming Soon from LWOT...

The LWOT Young Readers Series Presents:

Doug Flutie Mystery Squad
By Michael Millbury

From the book jacket:

Join CFL legend Doug Flutie, his younger brother Darren, and former Montreal Allouette Tony “Staplegun” Proudfoot as they travel across Canada solving mysteries and fighting crime.

Book One: “The Heisman Heist”

When Doug returns home one day to discover that his Heisman Trophy is missing, he bands together with his two best friends to track down the thieves. But when they run across a mysterious girl who claims to know where the trophy is being hidden, the trio gets more than they bargained for! Can the Mystery Squad recover Doug’s cherished prize before it’s too late? And why is the shadowy Mr. M so desperate to destroy it!

Ages 8 and up.

Available soon!

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