Monday, 30 April 2007

LWOT Sightings

A tattered copy of LWOT's April 1974 issue can be seen on Mulder's bookshelf in Episode 28 of the hit TV show The X-Files. The episode, entitled Duane Barry, features an early appearance of the mysterious Mr. X. As Mulder attaches two strips of tape in the form of an X to his window, the LWOT spine is visible on the FBI agent's bookshelf.

The bulk of the show's nine seasons were filmed in British Columbia, and the primarily Canadian crew often slipped Canadian cultural references into the background, one of the most memorable being a letter bearing a limited release Johnny Canuck stamp.

LWOT's Managing Editor Michael Millbury was a huge fan of the show, and the magazine's brief appearance led him to release the January 1995 issue with the title Lies With Occasional Truth Is Out There. The issue featured work from some of Canada's best science fitcion writers, including Ron T. Cartwright and Oliver Munroe. In an attempt to keep Mulder's collection up to date, X-Files producers were provided with honorary subscriptions to the magazine, but Chris Carter, the show's creator, didn't allow LWOT to reappear, as he felt that it would take away from the running joke about Fox Mulder's penchant for pornography.

Short-lived X-Files spinoff The Lone Gunmen also makes reference to the legendary fiction magazine. In episode 10, Tango de los Pistoleros, Frohike says to a ranting Byers, "Where did you read that? Lies With Occasional Truth?"

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